Next Event: CGI Friday - 31/05/19 @ 20:00

Location: YUST, Coveliersstraat 2,2600 Antwerpen

The Event

CGI Fridays take the place of our MUG / 3D Meetup for people in the creative industry. Everyone doing anything 3D, VFX and Motion Design is invited to join us. We meet in a pub in Antwerp where they serve some excellent Belgian beers to hang out and nerd out in an informal way.

We do ask that you register for free on our Eventbrite page, this way we can anticipate the number of people a little better.

The Organizers

CGIF was started by Midge Sinnaeve ( and Johan Belmans (Belly). Both artists have around for a while in the CG Industry. Wanting to give back to the CG community by sharing their experiences and bringing people together, CGIF was created. Previously, these event were named MUG and 3D Meetup. The new concept stems from a desire to include more artists, so we’d like to welcome everyone doing anything 3D, VFX and Motion Design to join us and hang out.

We’re aiming to meet regularly on Friday nights in Antwerp. Locations and dates will be announced on this website, and our Twitter and Facebook pages. We offer some drinks and conversation about nerdy computer stuff. The aim is to create relaxed environment where we can share our collective experiences and start building an open community for creatives. In the future, we’d like to organize more elaborate events, but we’ll talk about those more once we get there. ;)

Past Events

CGIF has been around for a few years under different names. Since the end of 2017 however, we've dubbed these nights CGI Fridays. We're always excited to see more and new people joining us.

We introduce an industry speaker at the start of each session for a quick talk to get the ball rolling. Every time we rotate between Mortion Design, VFX and Archviz to ensure there something for everyone every few sessions. Be sure to come and check it out.

Get in touch

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